408 Funk

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    408 Funk
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408 Funk in the trunk!

Got the funk

Quasimodo got a lump

dump the chump

Ya gotta lock ‘em in the trunk


The conception of the beat date

Rumps a shake

like jello in a earthquake

Callin’ ya’ll

Pay attention and listen up

Make a sound

round like a donut

clap your paws

Use ‘em both in stereo

Jump around

donkey kong & super Mario

Got the funk

Like a lizard got tongue

The Colors change

Because it’s a Chameleon

Steal your breath

When you hear the rad bass line

Time is up

It’s Got you shaken in no time

Callin’ out

To shake your rear

The Fear disappears

And there’s candy for the EARS

Have a drink

Sitting out on the p-patio

Your reward

For shaken like a daddy-o

Got the funk

dirty harry’s got a punk

Like a skunk

beat is stinky and it stunk

Take this home

Where the buffalo roam


Wrote the literary tome


Just a number with a meaning

Funky beat

That gets the paint pealing


I better hit the road now

Pealing out

Gonna leave you with a burn out